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Saturday, May 7, 2011

A broken heart and a missing shadow

webster b and w_edited-1

This is Webster - he was my shadow.  He was a little guy, a mix of mostly Poodle and Schnauzer with the softest gray hair.  He followed me from room to room, sat in the easy chair with me or on the footstool at my feet all stretched out.  He eased my pains and listened to me talk.  Each quilt I was making had to be investigated and approved by him.   I know you have seen his picture throughout my writings - a quilt on the floor and a camera in my hand meant that he had a photo opportunity :).
   Web came to us when he was about 4 years old from a foster mom with a local rescue group.  When I first met him, 10 years ago, he climbed in my lap,gave me a lick and I was smitten.  I thought I went to choose a pet, but I think he actually chose me to be his people. 

After a long illness, my brave and noble guy is now, I'm sure, healthy and  running with all the other much loved four-legged companions, all waiting for their people.

We had 10 wonderful years together and I cherish each one.  It has been about three weeks since he has gone and the empty place in my heart is slowly healing. 
So long, my friend.  I miss you.


~Laurie~ said...

I'm so sorry for your loss - Webster looked and sounded like a real sweetie. He's the first Poodle mix that I can actually say is a cutie - I won't discount poodles ever again! Glad he had a good life with you :)

Kathy said...

I am so sorry to hear about Webster. Our little dogs are just like out children. Webster looks a lot like my Abby who is a miniature schnauzer that is ROTTEN to the core!!!!!

angie said...

What a handsome guy! Sorry for your loss.

AlessandraLace said...

I can understand how you feel. a big hug. Alessandra

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