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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Quiltalong - Half Square Triangles

OOHHHH I just L O V E these things ( NOT! ) but I used the Triangulations CD and it was really so much easier. I could do 12 at a time, using the grid that I printed out, and it went pretty fast. Then I sat and finger pressed ( or thumb pressed ) last nite while I was watching "HEROS" on television. I think it is going to be a really fun springy quilt! Guess I should say that these are for Judy Laquidara's Quiltalong - Bears in the Farmhouse.

DSC02290 Here they are,,, all 192 of them!

Ok Judy,, bring on the next step!


Babs Schmidt said...

Looking good!

tirane93 said...

gorgeous colors!

Willow Lake Stitches said...

Hi Beth !

thanks for coming by and visiting. . I haven't been out much, just got done with one quilt show, and now getting ready for another, and came down with a bad bad cold, so I am moving kinda slow. Need to post a new post too !

I took a few minutes and enjoyed your blog, and I will have to be sure and come back.

Thanks for your visit to mine, and I like my little thread catcher too, I need to make another for my longarm - but I will need a BIGGER thread catcher for that !

I just LOVE the Bears in the Farmhouse quilt ! Am anxious to see all your fabrics together in it!

later, from. . . . the other Beth !

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