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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Quilter's Poem

I took a slight detour to my email and this was in one of my group postings. Wanted to share, cause it is SO appropriate!

I'm but a Quilter,
A user of needle and thread;
I create designs of color,
To lay upon your bed.

I know of strips and borders,
Of angles, points, and stars;
Although I make no money,
It keeps me out of bars!

I spend my husband's money,
On fabric and supplies;
He once thought it was funny,
But now he only cries.

My stash it just keeps growing,
All the colors I must own;
My credit card I'm owing,
I think I need a loan!

My quilts and table runners,
Wall hangings and the rest;
Are stored in all the closets,
So they always look their best.
I bring them out for show and tell,
Then put them back just so;

I would like to keep this going,
But shopping I must go!
For I'm just a quilter,
And hooked I will always be;
As I just live for fabric,
And fabric lives for me!

Shared by Kay OylerWritten by her husband Roger

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