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Sunday, February 22, 2009


I'm up,, sadly at 7am. Silly doggie thought it was time to eat and just wouldn't leave me alone. Ah well,, what do they do, eat, sleep, bark, poop,,, and start it all over again (grin )!

My HST are all sewen, I need to cut them apart and press. Think I'll leave that for tonite when the Oscars are on ( are you going to watch?). Started sewing the rows of my Double Delight, they are coming together great!

My MIL lives in a retirement home about 10 minutes away and we usually do lunch on Sunday,, so guess what I HAVE to go do.... I don't usually mind but I am so into getting this top done that I don't want to go!! DON'T MAKE ME, PLEASE !! (( I felt like the kid that had to go to the doctor and threw herself on the floor, grabbed the door frame and screamed NO! )) I said something about wanting to get sewing done and he responded " Well, it would look bad if you don't go">> oohh,,, I'm going to remember that!! LOL filing it away for when I NEEED it!!

Back to blocks and rows!

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