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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Movie Watching

I decided that I needed a little bit of indulgence today,, ever feel like that? It's cold ( well, 47 degrees and that is cold to me here in Texas! I know, I know,,, that is n.o.t. cold...) and overcast and just a generally yucky day. I was a good wife first, I cleaned, ran an errand and even took a batch of cookies I made yesterday ( they are yummy, too! ) to my MIL.

Then, the boys and I ( the two, four-legged kind of boys, gray one is Webster and the white one is Dexter ) crawled up in bed, wrapped up in quilts and watched Julie & Julia. I have had it here for about a week and just never got around to watching it. Chick flick - husband wasn't interested. that's ok,, I like movies by myself - well, not by myself cause the boys are there, but they aren't watching, are they? no, they take naps and scooch up next to me and try to push me off the bed, and.... well you get the idea.

Have you seen it yet? I really enjoyed it and recommend it - Meryl Streep is great at anything she is doing. Maybe I liked it so much cause I like to cook, wish I knew more about really cooking ( with a capital C ). One of my goals in life is to go to a school to learn how to professionally use knives. Crazy goal, but I want to learn.
The kind of cooking that I do is SO not like Julia Child - mine is the quick cook -- the "get it on the table, fill up the belly, clean the kitchen - whew! done! ( reminds me of a cowboy roping a steer at the rodeo - you know, when he has the steer's legs tied and he thows out his hands? ) " kind of cooking.

But people in my world aren't into hollandaise sauces, or beef spelled boeuf, geez they don't even like La Madeline's! So, cooking like that would be just for me and I have enough trouble keeping weight off!
Anyway,, I was sorta thinking that cooking to Julia/Julie is like quilting is to those of us who love it so much. It's our form of expression. It's a way to let people know we love them, we care about them. It's our therepy ( and cheaper than a shrink, no matter HOW much fabric you buy! ) and it keeps us sane. We can make beautiful, artistic statements about how we are feeling, whether it is happy or sad, scared or lonely.

It is like cooking... only our quilts last longer and the clean up is easier!

Hope everyone is enjoying the Holiday season... time to go rope a steer -- uuhhh,, make dinner.


kimbuktu said...

Fun post to read. Your kind of cooking is my kind of cooking too.

tirane93 said...

lucky girl and lucky dogs. sounds like a great way to relax! you know those people who ask quilters, "why do you cut up perfectly good fabric just to sew it back together again?" that's how i feel about cooking fancy foods. it'll take you four hours to make it but it still takes your teenagers ten minutes to eat it or ten seconds to roll their eyes at it.

Mary said...

I liked the book and the movie and I agree Meryl Streep was great!

BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

Loved that movie! And...quilts don't go directly to my thighs and stay there!

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