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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas at my house

Christmas is usually not done in a big way at my house. I'm usually working, we don't have a lot of company over ( we go to their houses!) and decorating for the two of us seems sorta silly.


this year I have been home for three months ( company layoff ) and I decided that I wanted to enjoy the holiday while I'm at home,,, all by myself,,, just for my self! Husband thinks I'm nuts but phooey to him!

So he finally got all my decorations out Sunday and yesterday I put the tree up ( after moving furniture and stuff, maybe I AM crazy! )..This is my naked tree DSC_0315 all it has on it is lights, it was pre-lit so I can't claim any great feat ;). Looks pretty naked! I found my nativity set, I was into Southwest style and made this one, ceramics, I still like the simplicity of it...DSC_0316 and you have to have a nativity! I have been doing ceramics off and on since I was about 5 years old ( you should see some of the early stuff! ) and I made a real authentic looking one when I was about 7. Mother always had it under the tree, every year,,, hhmmm,, she is in a better place now, and the house has been dismantled, etc... wonder where that nativity set went??? See the white tree skirt??? How many of you still use the classic white sheet! This is not a sheet but it is white material ( kaufman kona probably ) gotta make a skirt!

anyway,, I found this little guy in the box, too...DSC_0317 stuck him on the tree but he is all alone! He is made of glass DSC_0318 and has a little clippie thing to hold him up. Isn't he just the cutest! It was so much fun going thru the one box,, Christmas memories of times past.

I have several more boxes to work thru,,, one a day is the goal. I have the Christmas spirit now!

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Mary said...

I think our Christmas decorating will be limited to a few outside lights and some Poinsettia's inside this year. We won't have any company and we leave to visit the boys right after Christmas so it doesn't seem worth the trouble.

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