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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Oriental Quilt Finished

I finally got the borders on the Oriental quilt I have been making, and the agreement from all at my Saturday Bee was the green border was just perfect...


It really was a very pretty day today ( felt like close to 70 degrees! ) and the sun was shining, but the colors didn't come out as well as I had wished.. but you get the idea I hope!DSC03015

this quilt has the colored border around each of the four patches loose,, like this

DSC03024 so I made the green around the outer border be the same way. My friendly quilter tirane and I were discussing how to quilt this... she's thinking on it! I gave her a challenge -- yipee! Never thought I could do that!

I'm happy with it -- it's folded and on the "completed" stack.

Now, imagine this quilt with the setting triangles the same fabric as the border -- and maybe change the sashing around the four patches,,, something to think about, huh?? I saw this done and it was really really pretty. Maybe for another time.


kimbuktu said...


I especially like the setting you've used.

Vicki W said...

You sure did give her a challenge but the quilt is lovely and I am sure she will make is even more special!

tirane93 said...

still no actual plan, but i sure am thinking hard... :)

this top is just gorgeous!

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