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Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas - the Party is over

Nine o'clock Christmas evening,, I'm tired. Don't you think the build up to Christmas sucks a lot of energy? I got to stay in my jammas until about 330 today when I thought that I had better get ready for my 430 family arrival ( should have stayed in jammas! hey~! it's family! ).
I baked a spiral ham, had fresh green beans, mashed potatoes and gravy, sauteed sweet potatoes in butter and brown sugar, rolls, salad... there wasn't a whole lot of cooking... but I'm beat!

We got snow yesterday, not like the east coast, thank goodness, ( and I say this cause Texas can NOT handle snow like that! We freak at flakes ! ) but we did get about 1-2 inches. It was sure pretty coming down.. and I can guarantee that I was SO happy to not have to get out in it! It was beautiful from the inside and the news was full of car accidents because of it. Like I said,, Texans do not do white precipitation well..

Tomorrow is the other half of the family, and we go to their house! Enchiladas for dinner, yuuummm! I made my granddaughters these fleece throws,, this one is for Destiny, she is 7 and very much a girly-girlDSC03078

and this one is for Lexi,, hot pink describes her to a "T",, oh! she is 3 years old too,, can't wait to see what the years bring!DSC03084 They are so soft and nice.. I have made things like this from flannel and ragged them but never fleece. Super easy!

These are from a McCalls pattern and measure about 4 foot tall by about 5 feet wide. The only thing I'm not crazy about is the loose legs... maybe I put them together wrong, the arms should be attached to the legs more than they are. But they are nice soft fleece, double pieced so they should be warm when the girls are wrapped up in them. I sure hope they like them!

Time for bed,, more fun and excitement tomorrow.. but first, another piece of ham


kimbuktu said...

Very cute panda wraps, and dinner sounds yummy!

Julie said...

I love these throws. So cute. I like the new look of your blog!!

Corrie said...

Very cool fleece throws. Bet they loved them. How fun.

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