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Thursday, February 25, 2010

BEACH COTTAGES or keeping warm in the sun

just a short entry to show off the Beach Cottages top - it's almost done,, needs an inner border and then the piano keys border. I found a wonderful! batik for the back, but I'll save that for later... it's a secret :)

I'm tickled with it! and if you like to paper-piece, it's very easy to do!

But I need someone to tell me why the quilt-loving beasties can appear the minute you lay a quilt on the floor??? This isn't even a quilt, but a top with paper still attached to it! Silly beast, guess he has decided that it is worth claiming for his own!


Babs said...

That turned out great! I can't wait to see your "secret" with it :)

What else did you get at Golden D'Or that day?

swooze said...

Really like this. Puts me in a good frame of mind!

kimbuktu said...

What a wonderful quilt, I love the colors you've picked and the design is so playful and fun!

tirane93 said...

i love the little appliqued doggie on your new top. he looks so realistic!

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