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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Elevenses - the difference in designs

You know my friend tirane and I have made quilts using the same pattern but putting our own special touch to them, either in tweaking the pattern or different materials or just something different to show how unique we both are. Well, Judy at Virtual Quilter put out a challenge a couple of weeks ago to take these eleven blocks and do something with them in EQ. Well, how can I turn down a challenge?? A chance to show my uniqueness but not have to make the quilt - instant gratification!
So I jumped in with both feet and started doodling ( so to speak )...These are the 11 blocks to start with. I thought they were pretty, they are nice, we could change the colors, change the layouts, do anything we wanted really, but we had to stay with these blocks.

So,, staying with Judy's colors,, I 'doodled' these designs:I left alot of 'white' space, thinking of what my wonderful friend could do with her long arm,,, I also didn't use alot of the applique blocks, I do love to do needleturn, but not for these quilts.

Then I decided I really needed something different - but I couldn't change the blocks, remember? I needed COLOR! Lots of color.. so I played with batiks in EQ and came up with these. I like these,,
they make me feel happy!

I'm wondering what other designs have been designed.. can't wait to see!


Anonymous said...

Wow! More wonderfulness in my day!

Love them ....... and different to mine, and Glynis and Donna's, and great to see such bright colours .... something I don't use often at all.

Judy B

Wayne Kollinger said...

Your Elevenses quilts are wonderful.

Your use of "white" space is excellent; you'll have to design some quilting to fill in those spaces next.

I love your choice of bright and lively colors in the last two quilts.

All your patterns but one are en point and they have opened my eyes. I've never designed an en point quilt and now I'm thinking I should try. I particularly like your corner treatments in these.

Keep up the good work.

Grandma Susan Quilts said...

I absolutely LOVE the bright color! Changes the whole look of the quilt. Thanks for sharing.

*karendianne. said...

Gosh this was fun. :)

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