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Sunday, September 12, 2010

I'm WAAYY outta the Box - and not sure I like it!

I had a pattern called "Rustic Cabins" by Little Miss Sloppy that I've been thinking of making for a long time. I don't know where I got it - can't imagine that I bought it new ( I get a lot of things from friends and sales for cheap ) but it looked interesting and we all need to try "interesting" every once in a while, right?
This is the pattern and you can get it here http://www.quilterswarehouse.com/P-4062-rustic-cabins-by-little-miss-sloppy.aspx ( I'm sure there is lots of other places too ).

It took about 19 different fabrics - that was fun digging thru my stash for that many! You should have seen my sewing room OH MY GOODNESS the mess that it was in! And of course I didn't like the first ones that I pulled so back in I went. Fun fun fun! A great way to use up fabrics that I only had a bit of. And I wanted this quilt to be WILD - Bright - BIg Fun!

This pattern is something that you don't cut precisely, yes, it starts out with a specific size of square or rectangle, but then it's all up to you -- the widths and angles, big or narrow,, all up to me -- I'm not used to that. Even on my paper pieceing I have specific sizes cut to use -- but as you see, the blocks are all wonky. Slash here, slash there -- just like this DSC03475 see how the top and sides are all slanted. It was really kind of fun, when I just let loose. I did learn not to cut to short, too narrow cause after you sew the blocks together,, then you trim!

DSC03477 this rectangle gets trimmed from 8 x 14, I think, back to 6-1/2 x 12-1/2

DSC03478 See all the strings! Every block got trimmed back. a few of them I didn't leave enough sides and the points are going to be gone ( like the picture on the left ) -- ah well,, "out of the box" right? No rules, right? Square blocks are over rated, right!

I did get into the groove and it became fun! I also found that it was easy to strip piece if I kept everthing going the right way ( because you had to match what you cut with what you cut it off of )


I finally all the blocks together today and laid it out so I could see it. I flipped and moved blocks


around until I came up with this. Lots of brights, some novelties, stripes and solids ( gotta give a rest). I like the brightness, the wonkiness of it all.

geez,, so not me!

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Laurie said...

Hey there girl! I just saw your blog name on another blog - had to rush over to "meet" you. I just moved to Texas from Maine and I love to quilt too! Nice to meet you - looking forward to getting to reading your blog :) I'm over in West Texas - are you anywhere near?

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