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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Is your stash out of control?

Gee, a great Sunday, my plan was to stay in, not get out, stay in jammas and do what I wanted to do ( nap, sew, watch some of the new tv shows I recorded ) - husband is outside powerwashing the house so the painters can come repair and paint.. ( on a sidebar, maybe it's just my DH but if HE is doing something he always needs help, but when I am doing something he is not able/capable/absent - why is that? ) so I'm waiting on the 'YOU GOT A MINUTE?' and I'm watching Hoarders ( on Netflix, no I didn't record this ). I watch this show in the same way you poke at a hole in your tooth -- it bothers you but you just can't help yourself.

See, I have a big fear that someone will come in and point their finger at me and say HOARDER when they get a look at my sewing room! The fabric, the magazines, the bookcase, the STUFF! Forget the fabric, I've already discussed this several times ( I'm currently on a buying freeze ) but
Let's talk BOOKS! DSC03491 This is my bookcase - two shelves and the top - there are two more shelves and the floor in front. I will never NEVER use all these books! Some of them are old, very old, but when I first started quilting I bought stuff because it had QUILT on the cover ( have you done that?) I need to find new homes for some of these cause the bookcase is leaning a weird way and I'm sure that if it fell over, it would not be a pretty sight.

How about MAGAZINES? What do you do with your old magazines? There are some great patterns in there, isn't there? I don't have subscriptions to ALL the quilting magazines, but I have enough ( nope not gonna renew them, either - well... maybe McCalls and American Patchwork those two are my favorites ) so what do you do with the patterns that you MIGHT make someday?
I started several years ago tearing them out and putting them into the clear sleeves then into 3-ring binders. I told myself that 'someday' I'll get around to them
DSC03487 DSC03488 these are some I put in a new binder - #4 - today while watching that show. Will I ever make these? Who knows?

What I have discovered is that my tastes have changed from when I first started quilting, heck, they changed from last year! Everytime a new technique comes out, or a new style, I have to try it. That's good! It's good to try new, different stuff.
But, then I have the old stuff left.

And I'm not even getting into printed patterns! I have a drawer full of those! And I know that I have some I didn't even like when I got them!

So, tell me - where do you take your old quilt books? What do you do with your old magazines? Guess my friends are going to pick thru these books and the guild will get the leftovers. Hmm. wonder if the library wants them? Maybe a woman's shelter?

I am NOT going to be on that TV show, I don't want anyone pointing a finger at me -- but I'll keep watching it. Heck, it got me to clean up this room a little bit.


soggybottomflats said...

omg, right up my alley....I am watching Hoarding: Buried Alive on TLC right now, lol! I am going to keep an eye on your blog to see what you do with your magazines. You have no idea, I STILL haven't gotten rid of my 30+ years of buying/hoarding them, just as you do, "gee, that is a keeper, I'll have to make that one....someday". Bless your heart, good luck to you, Elaine

SandyQuilts said...

Books/magazines are donated to local Churches and Boy Scouts who have yearly book sales.

Fabric goes to local groups who make items for nursing home and the like.

I try to make as many charity quilts that I can.

swooze said...

I am in the same cluttered boat as you!

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