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Monday, September 5, 2011

Creativity, Productivity, Procrastination ( Gobble Gobble! )


I think I must have started this last year, yep, probably did cause I was going to decorate for Thanksgiving. Sure I was.
I have Kim Schaefer's Calendar Quilts - its a really cool booklet that has a 20x28 quilt for each month.  Each has a basic background of squares sewn together, then the main theme is put on the front ( like the turkey or a pumpkin, or snowman).  I enjoyed it because I love doing machine applique - to me it's sorta like coloring in a color book ( and yes, I have trouble staying in the lines :) LOL). 

I have/had big plans to make all twelve, to have a specific place with a hanger ready for them and the idea of changing them out once a month. 
Sure I do.
Or at least I did.

Well, I have almost two done :)  The one above is for Fall/Thanksgiving and I have to put the binding on it and sew the little beady eye.  Turkeys have beady eyes, don't they?

I did finally buy a hanger today!  Found one at Joann's and I got these curtin rings that are like clippies and thought that would make it super easy to change out these little wall quilts once a month ((  who am I kidding!  how many years will it take me to get all 12 done??)
BUT, I'm ready for Thanksgiving/Fall!

well, almost.

just gotta sew on that binding and beady little eye.

1 comment:

tirane93 said...

so what will the motorcycle safety week quilt look like? :)

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