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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Quilts, Hugs, and Friends

I've talked before about our little group that meets once a month, it's a fluid group and we don't always get to meet every month, but for several years we have managed to stay in touch, to meet, to share, to laugh and talk and even get some occasional sewing done!

One of our group  needed a big hug - a really BIG hug.  So what does a quilter dor for a friend in need?  Why make a quilt of course!  A perpetual hug - a bunch of arms that wrap around you in affection and acceptance.

So, Tirane and I picked out a pattern, decided on colors and wanted it to be scrappy.  She went to her stash, I went to mine; we made blocks and didn't check with each other to see what we had until it was time to put it together.  Dang! We did good!

suz quilt 3  

                   this is a picture of the back.   Look close at the quilting.   Tirane quilted a path of pebbles with the word Friend spaced thru it --  the thought was that life is a path of pebbles, but friends can help you get thru the bumpy parts.
 The blue parts are really full of daisy flowers -- to bring a smile.    I think it worked - for a little bit anyway.  Because we knew that our friend was hurting it was hard to work on this, but our hope was to give her comfort in days to come -- I hope it does.

suz quilt 1
suz quilt 2


Love ya, Chicken said...

Very nice quilt beth... I love it!

Linda said...

Ah, so sweet of the two of you to do that for Swooze. Lovely thought and a very thoughtful gift. I hope I get to see it in person as I get to be with her about twice a month. She comes to a Friday night group with me now and we work on our individual projects. It's alot of fun. If you're ever in the Mesquite area on the first or third Friday nights, give us a shout and you can come play with us too.

MulticoloredPieces said...

This is a beautiful quilt and what a beautiful thought and gesture. May your friend get over the bumps ahead with strength and courage.
I've enjoyed looking at your blog and quilts. Really liked the turkey, and also your Bethlehem star in greens and reds--very pretty.
best from Tunisia,

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