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Monday, November 12, 2007


It's a typical Monday and my dang ol contact lens are giving me fits. I didn't think I mixed them up when I put them in the morning, but they sure don't "see" right! So, I'm here at work and I took them out and switched - Boy! I could see distance really great, but nothing close up. Well, that won't work,,, hard to use a computer when you can't see it!

So, I went back and switched em again! Guess this is better, but still not good. Think I'll just go back to glasses. I am too old to keep fussing with this! And now, glasses are not the 'bad' accessory that they used to be!

What about those bifocal contacts,,, does anyone know about those? I wear the mono things, one for distance, one for close up. It's not working anymore.

On the weekends, I wear my glasses.... you know, I am due for a check up and the insurance will pay for most of it... maybe I should just go back to glasses. After all I'm getting older, I'm not all that impressed with good looks, and glasses have an added touch now - your makeup doesn't have to be all that great! Helps, but doesn't have to be perfect.

Hmmm,,,, something to consider.


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