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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Dancing With the Stars

We are devoted Dancing with The Stars watchers. Every week, we sit in front of the television and enjoy the show! We dicuss the costumes ( he really REALLY likes those ), the dance steps, who misses the beat, who didn't finish right and who is going to win....

Last nite was wonderful! All 4 contestants did really really well - in fact, I wondered if they have been sandbagging on us?

My personal favorite is Helio,,, he is a race car driver - not an entertainer like he rest of them. Mel B can really dance well, but isn't that what her job is? To sing and dance? Marie has been doing this since she was 3 for goodness sake -- she should be pretty good. Jenny Garth, is an actress but surely somewhere along the way she had to have been taught dancing. Wasn't there a thing about she did ballet? So my votes are all going to Helio -- YEAH!

Ok, Marie,,, what's with all the stuff? Her father dies and that is very sad. She faints - oh my! Now her son is in rehab -- and they make it sound like this is new. Donnie is on ET all the time,,,, it almost feels like Dancing with the Stars is being promoted as Dancing with Marie -- needless to say she doesn't get my votes. I feel like she is going after the sympathy votes. Poor poor Marie. I do enjoy her entertaining ways, though. Maybe she should think about doing some sort of comedy show - sorta like an old I love Lucy??

Now Jennie,,, what's with her mouth? She keeps doing some weird thing with her lips and stuff. Makes her look like a pinched up old maid.... But her last dance last nite was terrific! She finally left the old school marm attitude and knocked it out! Good for her! But I didn't vote for her, either.

Mel B... she's a professional singer/dancer entertainer. I think she is really really good and I just love her dancing with Max ( isn't he just cute! ) but and I keep going back to this, she is a professional.... Yes, she doesn't dance this type of stuff, but she is still a professional.

So, now it's down to 4 - and tonite someone goes away. Wonder who it will be?
Will Marie have enough fan base to keep her there?
Will Jennie's last dance be enough to keep her?
Will Mel B's Paso get the votes to keep her going? She does do that very well.
And Helio -- I hope his score of 60 last nite keeps him going... I'm going to be VERY disappointed if he gets voted off!


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