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Friday, November 9, 2007


WOW,, I never thought this week would end. It has been long and tough - you just never know how much oneperson does until they are gone. We had a guy out on vacation, he doesn't do much anyway, but I guess the little he does makes a difference.


Maybe this weekend I can get some quilting done,,, some of the things I am making for a craft show on the 19th and some stuff just to clean up the room! It is such a big mess! Material blown all over the place! It shames me... not! LOL

Ok, I'm making some Elvis Christmas stockings for the sale,,, great big ones. Found the material at the local Hancocks, bought it really for my mother in law ( the biggest Elvis fan there is ), then thought Heck! These would see at a craft sale! I also have some receiving blankets,, real cute flannel fabrics that I bound with bias tape. My DIL said she would gladly pay $12 for them ( I made some for my GS and he just loves them still - ). I wanted to have some baby quilts made up but I don't think that is going to happen.

LOL and this post never got done, either! So much for timing....

Happy Happy whatever

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