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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Table Toppers

Last year at the Houston Quilt Show, I bought a book from Kim Schaefer ( yep, she even signed it ) called
A COZY QUILTED CHRISTMAS.. A Cozy Quilted Christmas ,,, I have been looking at the quilts and toppers in this book for a year! I thought it was about time to make something - they look really fast and easy to do. And besides, I need something on my new dining table that will -- maybe -- keep all the stuff that seems to collect on tables from collecting.. maybe.

So last nite I cut all the 4-1/2 in blocks in tans, all the 4-1/2 inch blocks in greens and the 2-1/2 in blocks in greens for the border. Like I said,, the designs/patterns are really easy. I had a good time sorting thru all my Christmas and non-Christmas fabrics! ( and I've been collecting Christmas fabrics - boy! have I been collecting! because you know, they just are not going to make any more of this stuff, so I have to have some JUST IN CASE they stop making it, and it's on sale and it's pretty and they just might not have any more !!)

so this is what I got together last night....

Holly Berry Table Topper

I'm not sure I like it,,, the dark golds seem to jump at me and that ONE darn square in the greens melts into the tans. The green 2-1/2 inch border isn't on yet so that might help a little and... I don't have the holly on it yet. OH YES,,, there are holly leaves and berries that go around the the tan part... this is my -- do you hear the drum roll (grin) ADVENTURES IN MACHINE APPLIQUE..
The holly leaves are pretty big, the berries are pretty good size so - I figure I CAN DO THIS!!! ( Do you hear my Tarzan yell! ) I think there about 36 leaves, 24 berries - a LOT of practice! I have them traced on the fusible web, got my stabilizer out,...

Oh fun! I get to pick some more fabrics !!

Till later,


tirane93 said...

i think the contrast issues can be resolved at the quilting stage. the problems you raise are probably not as bad as you think.

looking forward to seeing that machine applique at work!

and yah, i hear they're going to quit making christmas novelty prints. better go stock up on 'em while you can!

Julie said...

I buy WAY too much Christmas fabric too.

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