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Sunday, April 26, 2009


I haven't posted anything in a while cause I have been frustrated - VERY frustrated! I worked so hard on the Bears in the Farmhouse quilt ( from Judy Laquidara's sew along ) ... all was going so well until I got to the last, very last, border. Cut my strips from the fabric that I had selected and (( said those words again )) I just didn't have enough material! Cripes, I hate when that happens!! Sometimes in a quilt, you can sneek in a couple of pieces that are the same color but maybe not the exact pattern, but what do you do when it is the OUTER BORDER !!!

I put the old thinking cap on and tried to come up with an idea to stretch the fabric but not take away from the bears paw pattern ( cause I really liked how that came out ). I wasn't happy when I saw how it was working,,,


I stopped when I laid it on the floor cause I just wasn't happy. Took some pictures to see what I could do,, mulled it over for the past week...

Today I'm thinking that maybe it isn't so bad ! I like how the darker border makes the middle jump out and the stripes in middle of each border don't detract too much. Of course Webster has to put his inspection on it! He is in the upper left corner, just walking away... silly four legged beastie

So, I think I'll keep it,, finish the last side and call it good

Sometimes things work and sometimes they work really well,,, and sometimes, like this time,, you have to talk yourself into it.


Julie said...

I think it looks fantastic!!

Cyn ;-) Calif/USA said...

Hi Beth,
Your quilt is wonderful - I love all the bright colors! The rainbow piecing in the outside borders is super.

Thank you for visiting and following at my blog.
Quilty hugs,

tirane93 said...

i love it!

Babs Schmidt said...

I really, really like it! Great idea for solving the problem.

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