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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

STASH REPORT - Week Whatever

I really truly have been keeping track of what I use... I just haven't used very much during the last couple of weeks. I think I have turned into a couch turnip.. a growing, leafing, root bearing couch turnip. For the first couple of days it was cause I was so darn tired,, then it was cause I just wanted to vegetate, then,, oh heck,, who knows why - maybe cause I just wanted to sit.

Well, I've had enough sitting, time to get some STUFF done!!

Here is my report for Stash Busting, Week Whatever..

Fabric added this week NOTHING!! Yep! it has been 4 months since I bought any fabric!! ( but if I keep sitting on the couch, I don't need to buy anything (grin) ! ))

However,, I did use up some stuff! I finished the borders on a quilt, pulled the backing from stash for it,, so by golly, I'm counting it!

Fabric used this week -- 11-1/8 yards !! I like that!

(( pats on the back to me! ))

1 comment:

Babs Schmidt said...

It's OK to be a couch potato every once in a while. I've been doing some of that myself lately too.

You are doing great with your stash busting!

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