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Sunday, April 12, 2009

I'm a Klutz!

OUCH!!! #(($*%&#N#N#N ( those are words I was saying )

How many of you have cut a hunk out of your hand or finger with a dang ol' rotary cutter??? Stitches? Trip to the emergency room? Blood all over your quilt??? There is not too many quilters that haven't had that experience - or close calls! Reminds me of when I was a kid and learning to whittle ( don't ask me why a girl was whittling,,, but I had the knife and the balsa wood and whistled while I whittled ) until I whittled a good size hunk out of my thumb. My dad then became the owner of the knife.

I used to pooh-pooh the idea of needing something to keep that from happening to me again, after all, I'm an adult and careful - and up to lately, I have been REAL lucky! No trips to the ER, no bloody quilt pieces, no husband saying "I TOLD YOU SO!" ( gosh, don't you just hate it when they do that!?! )

But, yesterday, my mind on the tv and not what I was doing,,, oops! the darn thing slipped (( OUCH!! %*(#*&%&% ( those words again ))) and I just about could have cut the tip of my ring finger off! No, I didn't, I was really really lucky and got just a deep paper cut ( which hurts like a ..... well, you fill in that blank! )

Can't tell you how many times I have been in a quilt/craft store and walked past the gloves that keep that from happening and saying to myself,, " naw,, I don't need one of those", or " not today, got to get other stuff"... Well, now I own one! That was a little too close for me and I like all my fingers! In one piece!

klutz glove

I got the glove at Joann's, it was 40% off and I have the AQS discount card cause I belong so I got this for less than $14. It really works, too! I took that rotary cutter and ran it all over ( and I mean ALL OVER! ) the glove while it was on the table -- as hard as I could, probably ruined the blade. I wanted to make sure that it really works. And it does!
Now, I'm not saying, but I'm just saying,,, I feel better for having bought it. Just something for you to think about. I like my fingers....

(( I have no interest in the store of purchase or the brand I bought ))


tirane93 said...

"Beth The Nine-Fingered" i kinda like the way it sounds...but i guess i'm glad you didn't do any serious harm! heal up fast.

Leah S said...

Uh oh... that glove doesn't look very friendly to this left handed quilter! :P

Kelly Jackson said...

Good Grief!!! I've heard about such injuries but I'm glad I have not had one. I never knew there were gloves for such things. See....ya learn something new everyday....especially when I get time to check around and read....what a fun blog!!!

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