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Sunday, April 26, 2009


I never keep track of what week this is for Stashbushing ( thanks Judy Laquidara for making me keep track of how much I use, how much I buy, how much I have ! )

I finished the Bears in the Farmhouse quilt top tonite so I can add in my fabric usage. Haven't pulled any fabric for backing yet, so I won't count that in.

I have been on the wagon and have been trying to not buy any fabric this year - using what I have. I fell off the wagon :( this weekend. I wanted to have JUST THE RIGHT SHADE ( you all know what I mean ) of a salmon-y colored orange.. didn't have it in my stash. I saw that Joann's had FQ on sale for 99 cents so I stopped and ( garsh darn it! ) bought 5 fat quarters. That's a 1-1/4 I purchased.

AND... as luck would have it,, I'm not even sure now that I'm going to use them! I hate to take them back ( yes, still have the receipt and they will take them back ) ... if I took tham back, then I could truly say that I didn't buy any fabric all this year... hhmmm how important is that to me?? It's sorta being a big tight wad if I take back $5.00 ! geez,,, I should just keep the darn things.

Ok, Stashbusting counts
Purchased 1-1/4 yards of fabric
Used 8 yards of fabric this week. This is for the Bears in the Farmhouse quilt top.
Look over to the side of the blog to see the totals for the year. I can tell you that I have truly only purchased the 1-1/4 yards ( 5 fat quarters ) of fabric all year -- WHHOOO HHOOOO!!

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Willow Lake Stitches said...

Here is my humble opinion, and you can take it for what it is worth. . . If it was May, and I had not bought any fabric yet this year, and if I ended up and not used that fabric for what I had intended it for. . . I would take it back to JoAnn's and bring a 50% off coupon with me and buy the latest Gooseberry Patch cookbook instead. . . . . Then I could still say that I hadn't purchased any fabric yet this year, AND I would have a fun, new cookbook to peruse !

So, this advice isn't worht much. . .

cute quilt !

from the Other Beth

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