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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Quiltville New Mystery Quilt

yep, I'm a sucker for Bonnie's quilts ( Bonnie Hunter from Quiltville.com ). She has another mystery starting and I'm playing along. I didn't ask my friend tirane to play along this time, I figured she has enough on her plate, and I really! didn't want to hear her moan and groan (vbg)!

Anyway,, these are my fabrics, scrappy greens, golds and the tans. The flowery stuff is my background. Actually this picture isn't very good cause you don't see enough of the contrast between the flowery one and the tans but there really is... the tans are more cremes. Anyway,, I pulled everything from stash and found some fabrics that I didn't even remember I had! Wonder what else I would find if I dug a little deeper ( that is scary, very scary )???
So, this just started and I'm finishing up step 1 - step 2 was just posted yesterday,, so I'm doing good! OH! I did see where she will leave this up until about June,,, LOL think I can finish by then???


Babs said...

Looks like you had a busy weekend too. I have some of your greens and golds in my stash I think.

I thought about doing the mystery but am actually trying to FINISH some things instead.

tirane93 said...

what? you're doing a quilt without me? that's probably best with as slow as i'm being right now! great color choices!

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