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Friday, January 1, 2010

Christmas Surgery ( for a dog toy )

Webster came to me and said "Mom! You have to fix my toys! The stuffing is falling out and they just don't play good anymore. Please Mom! Fix my toys!"DSC03092 ( this is Webster, a Schnoodle (schnauzer and poodle mix ) in bad need of a clip. )
Yep, one of the seams had come apart and the stuffing was loose. Bet that was pretty yucky to be carring around in his mouth! It was also pretty yucky to be holding...
But, I persevered ... I could try to hand sew it back together or see if my trusty Janome would do the trick ( I was all for the machine - I'm not big on hand sewing )

So, I got the treasured bone toy and stuck it under the presser foot,there wasn't much stuffing left so it squeezed in ok,,, DSC03097( he is being patient with me! ) set the zig-zag stitch and stitched it once, twice, and went back over it again for good measure! Here it is, all fixed!


( yep, told you! icky! ) Mom's a hero! He was so happy, I couldn't get him still to get a good picture, and the bone toy is in his mouth,, but this is a happy Webster!DSC03091 It's wonderful to be able to please so easily!

I thought I was done... OH NO! Another catasrophe! The tiger toy has lost a leg...


I'm in the kitchen and he brings me his other pride and joy, the tiger toy,,, minus a leg! "Please Mom! Can you fix this one too??!!" Well, what do you say to a face like that? Of course, I'll fix the ( icky ) tiger! ( ah ha! I get to be a hero again! ).
So tiger toy, Webster and I go to the sewing room,,, hhmm,, how to get this thing attached with out having to hand sew... DSC03095 The leg just fell off?! I think someone might have been playing tug of war with White Dog ( aka Big Dog, aka Dexter),, don't you? Well, I tried the trusty Janome again, even put on the zipper foot so I could get close, but it just wouldn't work. There was too much stuffing and it wouldn't fit under the presser foot. Yuck,, hand sewing!
But, I'm Webster's Mom, I must be strong!

I did my best, stuck that foot up in the opening,, stitched it with a blanket stitch once, twice, three times for good luck. DSC03098 Voila! a whole and complete tiger! I couldn't get a picture of Webster's joy,, he wouldn't stay still long enough...
aahhh,, the satisfaction of being a hero!

What was Dexter ( aka White Dog, Big Dog ) doing through all this?? He was in his normal spot DSC03104 in the middle of the pillows - pretending to be sleeping - or maybe waiting until the tiger is fixed to start playing again!


jillquilts said...

Oh the joy of dog ownership!! I have to fix toys all the time. The worst part is when the dogs sit at my feet and BEG for whatever I am fixing... And they are only happy for as long as it takes them to realize that I have another one I am fixing and then they are right back at my feet! lol

Happy New Year!

Lynn E said...

Oh your such a good mommy! Happy New Year!

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