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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Using up the Fabric

You know how the stores always put the Christmas fabric on a good sale after the holidays -- I have so much Christmas fabric that I usually don't look ( why don't I just use it???!! ) but I saw some that was full of Santa's and thought it would be great as a One Block Wonder. Yep, I'm still making those and find them so much fun! You really never know what you are getting and that, to me, can be great fun!

Well,, I only bought 6 repeats so I knew it wouldn't make anything very big but I just wanted to play, anyway,,, but LOOK!

DSC03174_edited-1 I am really tickeled with what I have! I want to do some more tweaking but I'm happy! Look real close,, Santa is wearing a leopard print someone on him,,, LOL!

So, this is what I'm thinking,, right now it is roughly 46 x 37 ( not all the seams are sewn together so of course it will get smaller ) I have a really big dining table and this would be great on it for the holidays...
I flipped the picture DSC03175 and I think I want to make a seperation in the middle of the design seperating the darker from the lighter parts,, like a slash from left to right slanted across the design. Then put a red sashing in there, I want to square up the two sections,, make a big border around all of it and maybe put some of the extra hexs in the border somehow.... aarrrgghhh,,,
I know what I want but it's hard to explain..

anyway, big table, good size table runner... like it?? any ideas??

What would you do with these Santa Hexs???


Babs said...

Not sure what I'd do with them but I love them!

kimbuktu said...

Very attractive. It looks a bit like candy canes.

sophie said...

It's gorgeous! Maybe a little cliché, but how about using them in a Christmas Tree skirt?

Whatever you do with them, I think it's going to be great ... can't wait to see it.

Quilter Kathy said...

This is awesome! I've not made one of these before so can't offer any suggestions. I don't know how to make a diagonal sashing, but am interested to see what you come up with!

Mary said...

I love your One Block Wonder! It looks like swirls of Peppermint!

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