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Friday, December 30, 2011

2012 New FO plan

Who wants to finish OLD projects - Not ME!  That's why they are old, cause I didn't want to finish them in the first place :) So, I'm joining CATPATCHES 2012 New FO Challenge - start a new project once a month. OY, I must be crazy
.  See the button on the side of the screen?  Click and you can join in, too!

So, here are the 12 quilts/projects that I want to start in 2012.  Drum roll please. And in no particular order

1.  Black and White Stack n' Whack - I have some great black and white jungle fabric that I've been planning on doing as a stack and whack - this is the fabric BLACK AND WHITE JUNGLE ANIMAL CLOTH NAPKINS - LARGE 20-INCH SQUARES - SET OF 4  Pretty cool - see the gold in the eyes?  Anyway, I've been saving this so I'm gonna do it!

2.  I found a pattern in a magazine that was Blue and White Churn Dash - the dashes are dark blue/white and the background is white/blue.  I had several pieces of dark indigo so I've been gathering white/blue and I want to make that one.  I'll find the magazine and picture and post later. ( I'm at work right now and, well, the magazine is home :) )

3.  Falling Leaves - omg, I've have this pattern for so long and have had fabric pulled for several years.  Now I have a terra cotta colored kitchen and a perfect place for this quilt ( hanging on a big wall in my kitchen ) ( another one I have to get a picture of the pattern ) THIRD WEEKEND IN OCTOBER

4.  Kaffe Fassett has a cool pattern of houses - always wanted a house quilt - only this one is made of fabrics with circles on them.  I've collected all the fabric and now it's time to make the quilt!

5.  A French Braid Quilt!  this one in black and white prints ( cause I have them )

French Braid Quilts - Click Image to Close  I have been wanting to make one of these quilts ever since the book came out.
6.  Turning Twenty - in purple!  one of my favorite colors - and, guess what!  I have the fat quarters already, too!
7.  Spa Quads Quilt - I may have the name wrong but I'm at work so that's ok.  I'll fix it when I get home.  But it's a cool freebie pattern I found on the web, and yep, I already have the fabrics!  I did find another I like that the fabrics would be great with - so I'm going to take the liberty to make up my mind later. The other is Birthday Cake Quilt by Elizabeth Hartman at www.ohfransson.com.
Spa Quads by Amy Walsh & Janine BurkeA

     8.My friend tirane and I have always talked about making a Hunter's Star - I'll do mine in blacks and whites and she is going to use colors ( she is getting so much better at using color! )
9.  There is a green scrappy quilt that I saw in a magazine a few months back - I'm going to put that quilt on this list, too. Found it!  It's called "How Green is My Stash" and I was drawn to it cause I do have a lot of green!  McCall's Quilting, Sept/Oct 2011
10,11,12 - I have to leave room for donation quilts.  Those will be finished, not just started.  I have lots of fabric and there are lots of people who need quilts.
SO, there is my list ( I'll come back and edit with some pictures of what I want to do ).  The cool thing is no pressure to FINISH!  Just to start them!
Want to play with me?


Barbara said...

That is a great list. I love your jungle fanric. Very cool with the gold eyes. With all that fabric, I'd say this is a perfect time for you to join in the challenge!

Kate said...

Lots of fun projects on your list. The stack and wack with that jungle fabric should be fun. Looking forward to seeing how your projects turn out.

Linda said...

I'm loving your list but I'm not convinced to join in. I still want to finish some of my old projects and I'll start some new ones when a few are done. I'll be watching yours and see if I can be tempted into it. Have fun and Happy New Year!

Sandi P said...

Great list. I love that green quilt. The problem with these challenges is that almost everyone has at least one quilt I would like to add to my list - LOL.

Mrs.Pickles said...

Great List. I may have to add to my list and try a few of yours too...!

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