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Friday, December 23, 2011

No UFO Challenge for ME!

Nope, not going to join a UFO challenge for 2012.  Couldn't guarantee that I would get something finished in a month anyway.  My sewing is too sporadic to guarantee that.


I can join CAT PATCHES Challenge!  She has a NEW FO Project challenge starting.  Just start something!  LOL I can DO that!  Check out her blog and see what it's all about.  I figure this will commit me to pulling the fabricsstacks_image_A007D1FE-A9B0-4068-BFA4-825CDAFA9BF6 ( I wish my stash looked like this! ) that I bought with a particular quilt in mind cause right now they are just languishing in my fabric closet being lazy, taking up space .  And Maybe, just MAYBE, if I have them pulled and cut, I might actually get them made.

OH another plus, when it's time for retreat, I'll have kits all ready to go!

so have you figured it out --  sounds like my plan is to make kits, not acutally sew them, but just kit stuff up.  No, not such a good plan, but it might be fun to be able to pull something ready to go and get it done.

Ok, making a list, checking it twice, gonna find out who's naughty or nice  ---  no no no,, that's the wrong song :)

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Barbara said...

Hey, Beth! Thanks for helping spread the word! I really appreciate it. Sadly, you are still set to no-reply. Did you remember to click save profile after checking the box in your settings? Might want to check again. Email me if you're having trouble. Maybe we can puzzle it out together.

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