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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

We Occupied a Sewing Room!

Our annual Christmas retreat was this past weekend - and as always loads of fun, loads of food, lots of sewing and wonderful company!  I was so busy - eating and talking - that I didn't get everything done that I brought,, but isn't that the idea of retreat? To relax, and enjoy friends?

From The Ramblings of a Texas Quilter

I just finished this wall hanging tonite, got the top all done over the weekend, but finished it up tonight.  Think I'll take it to work and hang it on my cubicle wall --  it's a Kim Schaefer design and was so much fun to do. Everytime I do a fusible applique, I think of coloring books.
 Check out this one!  another fusible -- 
From The Ramblings of a Texas Quilter

From The Ramblings of a Texas Quilter
and this beauty is all Minkee fabrics - the backing is a beautiful red.  so soft and scrumptious!  I want to make one for me !

check out Shakespere in the Park!  all beautiful batiks - and from her stash!  I fell so in love with this that I ordered the book on line that day.  hhmm, do I want batiks, too?  do I want the blue theme?  I can't wait to see this quilted.

t-shirt quilt - being reworked by a nice mother in law

I love the fabrics in this one, those big roses!
From The Ramblings of a Texas Quilter
ok, check this out.. see the dime?
From The Ramblings of a Texas Quilter
can you imagine !!??  I don't know how she did this.  I saw some cutting and templates,, but dang!
  ok, lets get out the scraps and you, too, can do this!  Now, don't just glance at this,, look close,,  it's not just strips, but squares and squares in squares.  I bet with all the scraps I have, I could find enough to make one like this :)
great snowballs! it has a very modern look.  wonder how she is going to quilt it? wonder what the back is going to be??
From The Ramblings of a Texas Quilter

From The Ramblings of a Texas Quilter
this is from a block swap we did about 6 years ago.  How many groups of blocks from swaps do you have? 
one of the ladies was super busy making rag quilts for grandkids -- she cut and cut and cut ( this is just a small pile of batting squares ) finally done with cutting batting she started in cutting novelty fabrics,, we had more fun looking at those fabrics.  I have to get mine out, get them used, share them with kids!  What good are they doing in the closet.. yep, they need to be shared.
 a really cute strip quilt. yep, novelty fabrics need to be shared.
I hope everyone is enjoying the holidy season.  I have to get busy!  I just realized that I haven't started Christmas shopping --  yikes!

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