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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Mary did you know?

it was the most wonderful weekend --  rainy, cold, and just wonderful!!  I know, that sounds really strange, but I got to stay in jammas ALL weekend!  I didn't leave the house just once and I got to sew, and read and sleep --  I was in heaven!  And my DH was gone most of the two days, too - WHOO WHEE!  not only did I get to stay inside, I had the house to myself!  As a bonus,, ( and gee, it's fun to read other's blogs cause you never know what you might learn ) I was part of the OCCUPY YOUR SEWING ROOM group/giveaway < a huge grin goes here >.  There is a button on the right and you can go here to link to the blog.  There's a giveaway, too!

So what did I do with my time, you might ask?  Well, since retreat is next weekend, I got two kits cut to take with me, cleaned the sewing room a bit, worked on MORE nine-patches for that garsh darn 9-patch quilt.  I also started reading the book HUNGER GAMES and I'm just about finished with it .  The thing I didn't do was cook --  my husband is just the best - he isn't really picky about what he eats so he was perfectly happy to go out and get us dinner last night and have sandwiches and soup tonite.

And since it is Christmas, I wanted to share my favorite Christmas song with everyone.  Enjoy!

went to retreat this weekend --  I think that qualifies for more Occupy Your Sewing Room!

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