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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Christmas Weekend

Whoopee !! Four whole days off -- aarrgghh but SO much to do! We have the tree up ( it's pre-lit so I don't have to worry about that,,, ) but no ornaments on it. They are still in the storage shed and have not been gotten out yet.
Light outside just got done last nite - and he's not happy with them so I bet he does more !
Presents are almost purchased but wrapping will happen tonite during the Cowboy game ( or so he says) Personally, I'm all for those cute gift bags! SO easy! Just stick the gift in,, roll up a piece or three of tissue, stick it in and VOILA! you're done!

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day we are home, will entertain family and friends who come by... my idea! They can come see us as their time allows. The grown kids have families and wives and all that goes with that and bunches of places to go - I didn't want any specific time frame for them to have to show up.

We will have spiral ham - yes, I will doctor it up with honey, maple syrup, and the glaze topping, along with potatoe salad, pink stuff, cole slaw, pickles, olives, etc.... just all stuff that can be gotten out really easy. Think I will even get out the good china! Why not use it? I've had it for almost 40 years and have used it maybe just a handful of times.... we need to see it more often!

Oh, think I'll get out the Spode Christmas stuff, too, the little dessert plates and cups - they are so pretty! ( too bad they are not really Spode but the knockoff.... oh well, still just as pretty! )

Mother in law will probably be here most of the days, too.... I'll put her to work making stuff!

Ok, gotta get ready for the Christmas Celebration! But First!

Let me tell you about this really great site I found while browsing for quilt things... it's FAT CAT PATTERNS and she is from
Garland TX... the site is http://www.fatcatpatterns.com and she has some of the cutest machine ( or hand ) applique designs!!! They are in Adobe format and it looks like most are free to download! If you use them in something, please acknowledge where you got the design.... no, I don't have anything to do with the site or designs, I just think that if we use someone's imagination,,, we should give credit.

Anyway,,, check out the site and

Merry Christmas!!!

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