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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Day After Christmas

It's the day after Christmas and I'm back at work - where did those 4 days go?? We had family and friends over, ate lots of food ( my tummy doesn't feel so good, either ) and slept in late every morning.

The tree got decorated, presents were wrapped, candles were lit and the ham was baked -- our home looked really pretty.

Saturday I did NOTHING! It was wonderful to stay in my jamas most of the day and be lazy... nothing I had to get out and do. I worked on the puppy dog rag quilt that I made for my grandson and got it all finished - thought it would take just a couple of hours, but I managed to spread it out thru the whole day.... Hubby watched the Cowboy's football game so he was occupied.... a great day !

Sunday, gee, what did we do?? OH! I remember now,,, went to WalMart and did the whole big shopping thing,,,, I was surprised that it was just jammed packed but it wasn't really bad. After $200+ spent, at least Hubby was home and could bring it into the house for me! My friend L. came over for the afternoon.... we usually meet at her house once a month for our Saturday bee but I couldn't make it - so she came over to my house and we talked and chatted - then we went to Joann's to see what we could buy.... LOL I was REALLY good! No FABRIC, but I can't sayt he same for L. They had all the mardowns at another 50% off so she bought a LOT! It was nice not buying any,,, not worring about where I going to put it. I was very very proud of myself. Another great day!

Monday,,, ahh,, Christmas Eve. People were coming over later so I baked a spiral ham and got the house all ready. Looked real nice if I do say so. We had ham, potato salad, cole slaw, rolls, pickles, olives -- and for dessert there was pumpkin pie, pecan pie, fruit cake, cookies and pumpkin cheesecake. Much too much.... Lets see, we had my MIL, and my BIL and his wife and two daughters ( 9 and 6 ) and my hubby's nephew and then hubby and me. It was a really nice evening..... took the obiligitory pictures in front of the fireplace but you have to do that at least once a year! After everyone left, cleaned up and went to bed... after all Santa was coming!

Tuesday - CHRISTMAS DAY! We slept in, no reason to jump up and being lazy felt nice. Hubby got me a whole big bag of chocolate - the last week I can eat it! and Perfume ( BEAUTIFUL ) and a couple of cd's. I got him a Charlie Brown ornament and a biography of Charles Shultz that he had asked for and I want him to go find a new briefcase. I couldn't buy it for him,he is too picky, but I can pay for what he wants. Late in the afternoon my two sons and their familes came over and my MIL. Quite a house full! BUT lots of fun! The kids all made a hall. My 2 year old grandson wasn't in too good of a mood but he liked the Wiggles books that we got him. The puppy quilt I worked on so hard didn't impress him. He didn't even look at it - the Wiggles books were his favorite! When the big kids were opening his presents, he didn't understand that there was nothing for him to open.... we should have let him open for the kids cause that was all he wanted to do! After everyone left laden with presents and leftover food my Hubby and I collapsed! I was sitting watching TV and falling asleep - so I did!

Christmas was very good this year with family and friends around us.

We are blessed...

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