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Monday, December 31, 2007

One Block Wonder

One Block Wonder Ok, I started a new project - from the book ONE-BLOCK WONDER by Maxine Rosenthal -- I am thinking that a lot of people have started a quilt like this or want to - they are SO cool! It's sorta like the MAGIC STACK-N-WHACK QUILTS by Bethany S Reynolds ( trying to get all my credits right! ) except you put ALL of the hexagons together, not individually. Don't get me wrong,,, I like the Stack and Whack idea,,, what you can do with the material is just great! But I also like how you combine ALL of the hexagons into the quilt and not as seperate blocks.
Ok, confused? You find the really cool fabric that you wonder "What would anyone do with this?"... you have to buy enough fabric so that you have so many repeats. You cut the width of fabric from repeat to repeat then you cut that into strips. THEN you cut those stips into 60 degree triangles - this gives you the hexagon!

This is what two of the 'blocks' look like
two blocks after cuttingthey are really really cool! Now, I have to put up a design wall so I can put them up, move them around and see what looks best.
Until then!

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