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Saturday, January 24, 2009


I'm a cheater! couldn't help myself,,, I had to see the outcome of the latest Quiltville Mystery Quilt. I didn't have the time to start the quilt when the mystery started so I waited.. and I LOVE the quilt that Bonnie Hunter designed. So I asked my Saturday sewing buddy, tirane, if she wanted to work on the pattern together.
She worked it out on EQ6 and we swapped the file back and forth a bunch,,, coming up with different colors and layouts - I just love EQ for being able to do this.. better visualzation of what is to come ( grin ) and this just MIGHT stop a big OOPS..

I think we ended up with about 47 different variations!

This is the fabric I'm going to use DSC02259

The apple fabric is the focus fabric and will be the border . The red plaid will be the squares in one of the blocks and the setting triangles.
The dark red will be the red in the 9 patches. The white is actually a cream and that is the background fabric. The green is the main square in the other block and there is a dark green hiding in the corner that will be an accent border and in a center 9-patch of one of the blocks.

This sounds very confusing! but I'm thinking it will come out looking great. All this fabric was in my stash ( thank you Judy Laquidara for keeping me on track for stash busting! ). I just love the apple fabric -- LOL I have a whole bolt of it!!! one of those "good deals" that I just could pass up !!

Well, tirane has already posted about her progress in the piecing,,, she's ahead of me. Oh well,,

One of the first blocks the directions say to start with is a square in a square... here is my progress... DSC02263.......... DSC02264........
DSC02265 hhmm wonder what my camera settings where? that is probably why my pictures are different colors.
I'm finishing up the other two sides of the square in a square, then press, then trim ( ick ).. Yes, I will square all these up cause I know if I don't I will have a big mess.

Go look at the Quiltville.com site and see if you can figure out how my colors are going to work. My quilt will be the same,,, but different. tirane's will be different from mine and from the original too.

That's the Fun!

just had to show you my little guy who stays right by my side - everywhere! DSC02261 Helping Mom sew is such a HARD! job!

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tirane93 said...

our dogs could just about be twins with the way they "help" in the sewing room! and i see how it is...you post on a sunday evening when i can't possibly play catch up in time to get my next post on. fine! i'll just do these next 200 square in square blocks "real quick" and show you! at the rate i'm going it'll be another week!

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