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Monday, January 19, 2009


I think I can finally post something here that isn't a big ZERO! I decided that since my Turning Twenty quilt was not something counted against last year,, I'm going to use that fabric to count towards my stash usage... Hey! I can count it anyway I darn well please - it's my game, my marbles, my rules - (( grin ))!

Fabric Added This Week --- ZERO !! That is a good zero!
Fabric Added Year to Date --- ZERO !! Another good zero!

Fabric Used This Week -- 12 yards for the Turning Twenty, 5 yards for top, 2 yards for the borders and 5 yards for the backing/binding

Fabric Used Year To Date -- 12 yards... YIPEE!! I'm on a roll!

I'm not going to count the fabric from the kit for the Quilter's Trail... it was a kit,, and not really from my stash.. my marbles,, right?

So how did you do?

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