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Sunday, January 25, 2009


I was hoping to get alot more done on my version of Bonnie Hunter's Double Delight Mystery quilt. I just didn't know there were SO MANY square - in - a - square blocks in this quilt!!! ARRRGGGHHH !! I'm really tired of sewing HST pieces to the squares.
I need 200 complete S-I-A-S pieces,,, will they never end!!

I thought I had all the right red squares cut out,, re-did the math and (( can you see me pulling my hair!?! )) I need 200 and had 179 !! #&*%$$*%,,, so I cut the rest ( thank goodness I had enough fabric! ) and sewed them up.

I have the LAST HST to sew on,,, then press, then (( oh I hate to do this part )) square them up...Don't ask me why I find that step so much a pain,, but I do. But I know that if I don't, I'll have wonky S-I-A-S's..

See my 200 blocks !!! DSC02266 all in nice neat groups of 10. gee, I'm organized! LOL !!

So, tirane,,, how far have you gotten??? I checked your blog.. come on, fess up,,, how far along are you?


swooze said...

Very nice. Keep at it!

Gina said...

Keep at it Beth, you know it'll be worth it

Love and hugs Gina xxx

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