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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

StashBusting - Week 2

Well, I'm a little late with posting but (( ok, get out the violins and play the sad songs )) , I've been really sick - with ALLERGIES! I have NEVER had allergies like this before - couldn't breath and all I could do was cough. I coughed so much that my back and chest hurt to even move. I managed to get thru last week at work but I just couldn't go anymore and over the weekend I spent it mostly in bed. And you know, when you can't breath but you can cough,, it makes it tough to sleep...((are the violins still playing??))
Well, I went back to the doctor today and she gave me prescriptions for really strong cough meds, steroids for the allergies and some codine cough stuff so I can sleep. Guess I'm going to have to go back to work tomorrow! ICK!

No yards purchased, no yards used,,, I'm still even with last week.

BUT,,, my very favorite fabric outlet is having their 30% off sale and I DID NOT go!! I'm pretty proud of myself, cause sick as I was,,, If I wasn't committed to using what I have, I would have drugged myself up, pulled myself from my death bed,,, and gone shopping!

I'm proud of me!

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