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Sunday, January 3, 2010

It's Not a Mystery Quilt any Longer

I'm not usually a mystery quilt quilter,, I like to know the path I'm following then if I want to make a detour, I can. But this year I thought "Why Not",, it's only fabric and golly gee! I have a ton of that!

So I decided to join in on the fun at the Yahoo group apocketfullofmysteries@yahoo.com and do their mystery quilt. I picked out my fabrics, you can see them here http://quiltramblings.blogspot.com/2009/12/im-sucker-for-mystery.html and waited for the clues. Well, I was good! I stayed on the track and didn't detour. I didn't even wait until they got finished and started mine ( that is sorta like reading the last chapter of the book before you are even half way done - yep, I'm bad about doing that, too! ).
Anyway, this is what I ended up with..DSC03154 edited the border seems to blend in with my wood fence! so here is a picture that shows the colors better..DSC03155 Even after finishing the quilt, I like my colors. Not sure I will do this pattern again, and I have to come up with a name. I added the dark purple border - that was my only detour! This is crib size, about 35 x 35 and I think I'm going to try to quilt this one myself.. LOl OY VEY!!! That should be fun. It will probably be a charity quilt - hope they don't mind my inexperience in quilting!

I have it sandwiched and I even found a yard of fabric with these same colors in it so I centered the backing around that yard ( shucks, no picture )

Wish me luck on the quilting!!

For other mysteries,, I think I'll skip to the last chapter of the book and see if I like how it ends ...

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tirane93 said...

yes! let's see...you should write something like "original thinkers choose dark purple" over and over in the skinny dark purple border; then maybe a william morris-esque elaborate viney leafy pattern in the green background; celtic knotwork animals in the pink-n-purple center blocks; and finish with a jacobean floral complete with little bugs and birds in the stripey outer border!

if that all seems too tricky for quilting under a domestic machine you could probably leave off the little bugs.


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