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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Quiltathon Weekend

This is the quiltathon weekend with Judy Laquidara at her blog Patchwork Times. It is always fun to think of sewing along with a lot of cyber friends and see what progress is going on.

I was lucky that today was also our Saturday bee so I got to sew with friends for real! Of course, that scamp tirane already posted pictures of what we were doing at her house! So you might as well click on her name and see what we were doing.
I have the Atkinson design that I'm working on, trying to finish up the blocks...

I took the center blocks ( with the star and background) to trim up - do you know how hard it is to concentrate when everyone is talking!! I kept measureing and verifying before I cut ( don't you just hate to cut a completed block wrong! ).. sometimes I just stopped, turned around,,, and talked cause after all,, it's a quiltathon with friends, right?!?

This is a couple of the blocks I have ,, not quite completed, there is still one more sashing to put on.. but they are bright and happy blocks! ( that might have been tirane's opinion )

tonite I want to complete the blocks and maybe lay them out to see how to position them... Tomorrow I want to work on a baby quilt and this and that and that and this,,, oh heck! maybe I'll take a long hot bath and do nothing!
enjoy your evening, give a hug to those you are with..
later gater


Chris said...

gorgeous colors!

Gail said...

I just love those colors!

tirane93 said...

they are lovely blocks - but i'm no scamp!

scraphappy said...

Those colors are great. The fun mix fits well with the scrappy pattern.

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