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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sunday Morning Catchup - and the sun is shining!

Yep, the sun is out, it's a beautiful day! I have been so tired of being cold! In Texas, they just don't seem to build the houses to accommodate cold weather, maybe not enough insulation and the slabs are right on the ground so the cold creeps up thru the concrete, thru the carpet into my feet - makes my toesys chilly! I'm so sorry for everyone that has had the big snow storms - I just hope everyone was toasty warm!

It's been a busy week. I'm still working on the Quiltville Carolina Christmas mystery quilt... AND I've been working on a Terry Atkinson design, Lucky Stars it is super easy! I had purchased a group of fat quarters to make this quilt,, golly about 2 years ago! Thought it was about time to get this one done. The background fabric is a mottled light blue/darker blue/pink ( this is it,, it's not as bad as it sounds! )
DSC03165_edited-1 see, mottled but it looks good with the rest of the fabrics -- aren't these beautiful!


Yep, that is a small block from the Carolina Christmas in the middle of the Lucky Stars fabric..
Anyway, I'm not a speed demon but there is ALOT of chain pieceing going on so why not work on two quilts? The colors sure won't get mixed up ! See my pile of completed chains from Carolina Christmas DSC03160

I have to break in here...
My husband's office is next door to my sewing room/computer room and he has the tv on to some awful info-mercial about TOTAL GYM.. I'm hearing these people talk about "all you have to do is get on!" and they lost all sorts of weight, inches, they are beautiful and everyone loves them now... Get your Total Gym NOW for the small monthly payment of $big dollars for the next 30 years... Get it NOW! and you too can be skinny, beautiful and loved@!

what a bunch of ..... well, you can fill in your own words.

Wonder how many people are going to order this miracle machine? Should I feel guilty for sitting on my duff - not moving - relaxed - and fluffy? I do a little. Am I doing anything about it? I should. Will I order the wonder machine? NO way! got a treadmill, lifecycle and weight machine in our ""bbrrrr cold"" garage. I should use that.

Sorry, I digressed,, back to fun stuff! ( and I'm turning off his dang tv! )
Back to quilting, where was I? Oh yes,, chain piecing ........... and this my chains for Lucky StarsDSC03162 I got eveything all sewn, then sat in front of the computer and watched tv shows on Netflix while I pressed ( should have been on the darn machines, getting skinny!) So that is where I'm at ... ready to sew one last seam on the Christmas quilt then I can lay out blocks, I can chain piece some more on the Lucky Stars and will have blocks close to finished -- gee I'm good!

gotta go fix brunch,, eggs, sausage, english muffins - all 'very' healthy! ( see me grinning!) for the DH - he has his "feed me" look on..

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