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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year - and Resolutions!

Happy Happy New Year everone!!! It's the day for putting all the Christmas stuff up, cleaning house, and the last day to relax -- LOL doesn't sound like much relaxing is going on, does it??? Thankfully there is not TOO much christmas decorations out... the tree comes apart in three pieces and I didn't put too many ornaments on it,,, there are a few trinkets and snowmen sitting around, but it should be real easy. He is home to help me move furniture back to where it belongs.... Guess we will do this later this afternoon (( he is plunked in front of the tv and I hear football.... groan! )

OK -- New Years Resolutions!!

1. NO MORE FABRIC BUYING !! I have so much fabric and fabric bought with the quilt already in mind, that I have to use it up!! This will help with getting my sewing room cleaner and also save me some money! Yipee!!! I want to save money! Now, thereis an exception - I can buy A piece of fabric just for a particular quilt IF nothing else will work. But that doesn't mean SHOPPING and it doesn't mean stocking up because there is a good sale!!! I think I need to rejoin that STASHBUSTERS group on Yahoo.... bet they have great ideas!

2. LOOSE WEIGHT !! I have NEVER weighed as much as I do right now... the crazy office I work in has 4 women that just love to eat! And NOT healthy stuff like fruits and veggies, either. Everyday they get stuff for lunch that is fattening ( like burgers and nachos )... there is always always snacks around. I just can not stand it or myself any longer! So, I'm going to join the WeightWatchers Online program. I have done WeightWatchers before and it worked,,, very very slow but it worked - I did do about 2 lbs a week which they say is what you are supposed to do. I'll also have to start excercising. I think we will start with walking the dogs. Maybe one at a time, that way I will get more exercise!

3. SAVE MONEY!!! I really really want to retire in about 5 years or less. I have to have a certain amount of money to live on between the time I retire and the time Social Security kicks in.... so I have to save it NOW!! Not buying fabric will help alot! That could be as much as $200 a month! I also need to look into where to put the savings so that it makes the most interest.... but that is for later!

So, these are my goals! I think they are very possible - hey! I quit smoking many years ago and that was a 3-pack a day habit!


Stay with me,,,, it's going to be a long ride!

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