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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Cotton Candy Quilt - again

I was left a very nice post with a great idea about this quilt - she said that it looked like a sorta swirl with the red blocks ( now I'm not remembering the exact wording here ) - so I thought "DUH" if the red is standing out so much, then why not use it as a design itself! So that is what I'm trying to do here...
Cotton Candy Quilt The red blocks are sorta making a cross across the quilt top - I just couldn't seem to make it SWIRL. So this is what I have. I have moved some of the red blocks around so that the same patterns are not right next to each other and I think it is betterCotton Candy - revisited

The inner border I think I'll make be a solid red ( RobertKaufman Kona ) and then the outer border is piano keys out of the same fabrics as the blocks. Probably a red binding. Hey! If the red stands out,,, I'll use it!

Ok, time to take it down, row by row and start sewing!

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