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Friday, February 22, 2008

Selvedge Edge Quilts

So I'm browsing around on my emails and I get the one from BlockCentral and she has a note about this "new" quilt called Selvage Edge Quilts--- so I'm always one for something new so I go check it out ( you should, too!). Now, I am a great one at saving every little tiny bit of fabric I have, after all, you can ALWAYS use it for something, right? Personally, I make all my little bitty tiny scraps into dog pillows, but more about that later.

Anywho,,, Selvage Edge Quilts are string quilts made with the selvage edge that is usually cut off and tossed out... this is what they are doing selvage edge I think it's sorta cool! Guess you can use even the edges with the writing and the color dots. Hey! I'm all for NO WASTE !!

Now, I may have mentioned it in another blog but I keep all my itty bitties and make dog/cat pillows. I give them to the local humane society or rescue society. I make an inner pillow of muslin, or scrap stuff. Stuff it lightly, you know how the babies just love to make their nest ( around and around and around they go,,, and mine will scratch like crazy until they have it just right ( they're so funny! ) ). Then I sew up that pillow and stick it into another 'pillow case' that I have made out of something soft, like fleece or fake fur or something ( I usually get this at the remanent table or the $1.00/yd table. Then I sew up the edge of this with some sort of tight decorative stitching and VOILA! A dog pillow! And it's all washable and dryable....

Hmm,,, guess these selvage edges won't get put into the pillows! Wonder how many I would have to have/save - just tons I bet!

Oh well,,, it's an idea.


Connie said...

I am kinda the queen of frugal in my quilting bee--but this selvage idea is out there even for me! I *do* re-use selvage pieces to tie bundles of fabric--but I'm not sure how I'd like the feel of them sewn into a block! I'll have to check out the web site you gave--pretty interesting!

Linda said...

Wow, this is really interesting. When I first looked at this, I thought it was a drawing. When I started reading it and clicked on it to make it larger I realized what it was....The red really sparkles in this. But, how does it wash or do you worry about that? Do you just make small blocks? Hugs, Linda

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