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Friday, February 1, 2008

Surfing and Reading

I've spent sometime fixing my blog - I had a border around all the pictures and my siggy and I didn't like that - and then just browsing other blogs. Of course, my "baby" Webster would not left me just sit,,, if my hands are not busy they are supposed to be petting him ( he's not spoiled at all ) so I browsed and petted. And saw some great blogs with great ideas! One has a list of all the books that she wants to read, and crosses them off as she completes them. Now, these are just novels, these are things like War and Peace! My! And I was tickled to want to read Alice in Wonderland! Not sure I could do War and Peace.... but I love the idea of a list that I can keep track of and maybe actually accomplish something.

Saw a list of all the quilts that someone wants to make - I have something like that, too,,, but guess I should add some to it - and keep track of them!

Saw beautiful pictures of Christmas lights.... LOl We still have some Christmas decorations sitting on a shelf in the living room - should really get those put up!

Hmmm,,, aren't blogs great ways to communicate our thoughts and ideas and show those interested a little piece of our world, a little glimpse into our thoughts and ideas.... think I'll go surf some more.

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