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Saturday, February 16, 2008


It's pajama day! It's rainy, it's cold, it perfectly delightful! I planned a jamma day, just to stay inside, and sew and listen to books... doesn't that sound just great? I'm NOT doing housework ( not that I do alot anyway, see me grin ), I am NOT getting dressed, I AM going to sew, take a nap, listen to my books on tape and maybe watch a movie on DVD. My DH can get this own food and do as he likes,,, I'm having a JAMMA day!

I do want to share this with you,,, this is my Dexter enjoying a snooze in my bed. I caught him all bundled up - his stuffed carrot is peeking out and he has the guilty look of 'bad dog'!! Dexter in bed
Ok, back to the sewing and the book and the relaxing!


country mouse said...

Yea for jamma days!! Hope you were able to enjoy every minute and get lots of sewing done :cD

jillquilts said...

Your little Dexter is adorable! I hope that you enjoyed you PJ day!!

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