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Sunday, February 3, 2008

I've Lost 9.2 pounds!!

WHEEE!1 9.2 pounds gone! That's abut 2 pounds per week and that is what is supposed to be a safe way to loose it - and MAYBE keep it off! Wouldn't that be great! And maybe I can get into some of my old clothes again... that would save me money! HEY! save money on clothes then I'll have more to put into savings so I can quit working! What a plan!

Think I'll find a weight tracker to put on this blog - if I see it everyday, then it will help me keep up....
OH found some great candy, made by Whitman for Weightwatchers.. found it at Walgreens. Toffee with a great chocolate coating. Only 1 point per piece and the pieces are pretty good size, too. So many things call themselves only 1 point but they are about as big as my thum nail,,, what's the point? only makes me want more... These, though, you would not know they are designed to be Weightwatchers.. and they are satisfying. hhmmm,,, maybe they are just Whitmans regular toffee, repackaged for Weightwatchers, and a higher price.... they would not do that to us, would they ??!!

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jillquilts said...

Congrats on 9.2 pounds! I have been on WW since June and I have lost 37.6 pounds! I only have 14 pounds (or thereabouts) left to reach goal!

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