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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Good Morning - Happy Sunday! Day Two of Memorial Day Weekend

It's almost 10am and I'm still in my jammas... OOHH maybe! it can be another of "those" days?? Maybe?

I just got an invite to put my blog on someone's list,, this seems to be the popular thing to do now and it uses something called Mr. Linky ( not sure of the spelling ) to do this.. but you can link up and have a whole list of blogs to see! I thought it was cool so, of course, QUILTRAMBLINGS is on it - just look for BETH.

Niki is the person who left me her blog to link up with,,, she can be found at http://justusquilters.blogspot.com/ - like I said, I'm on there under BETH. Guess this is sorta like a ring, only not LOL ! sounds strange,,, you have to keep going back to her site to get the next one,, so I guess it's like a STAR!! Yeah! a Star! - out, in, out, in -- you get the idea ( see the big cheezy grin )

ok.. enuf -- see down the list of stuff on the side and it says "Quilters Get Listed",, just click on it and VOILA!



Myra said...

A lovely blog you have! You sound like a wonderful person to be around. Like your works! I shall be checking in again!
Happy Quilting!

Niki said...

It's just a big huge list of quilters blogs. Bookmark the page and you can always return and just pick a blog to read up on. Most of these blogs listed on there are updated at least every other day. I only picked blogs to comment on that updated often. Thanks for signing up beth!

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