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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Orange Crush Step 2 FINISHED!

Well - Step 2 is Done!, kaput, fini, -- well, almost done cause I haven't pressed them open. Just couldn't sit and iron all those suckers last nite,,, I find that to be the most boring! thing to do! So here are my "finished" blocks ! LOL

Step 2 finished Well, these are mystery blocks, too! guess you can't really tell a lot about them. Mostly blues, greens and purples - aahhh my favorite colors! I'll press them when a good tv show comes on -- I can sit and press and watch tv.. but if the show is too good! then I press during the commericals!

Oh, lazy me!!

I've started cutting the pieces for Step 3. There were a few leftover light triangles so I can use those up... and 44 pieces total is not much at all! I should have this finished this weekend! Yipee!
I really want to work on something else for a change.... Adult Attention Span = SHORT!
gotta git,,, Grey's Anatomy and Lost are coming on!!!


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