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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Orange Crush - Step 3

Yee-Haw! Step 3 is done and LOL it is even pressed! This one went pretty fast... I was reading all the messages on the group site and I'm with most everyone else... I had to have the picture in front of me to make sure all the right sides were going the way they were supposed to.
I wonder just how big this quilt will be? Cause the pieces that we have been doing aren't that big... hhmm,, inquiring minds will just have to go back and read!
We to dinner last nite with oldest son, dil and funny granson. He is ALMOST 3 and so fun! Always a smile,,, well, last nite everything was a fire hose! Don't know where it came from, but the straw, the fork, the spoon, everything was a fire hose and we were all "drenched" with water -- put the fire out! We went to Outback Steak House and I had the best coconut shrimp ( Yummy! )) I think they have the best! Grandson was getting a little rambunctious with the hose thing and his Dad is not patient with him in public ( geez, he's a kid, let him be a kid ) so we decided instead of getting dessert at Outback we went to an ice cream shop and then the park. That was fun! It was just a small park, more of a place to just sit and rest but he ran on the grass and played FIREHOSE with the little sticks from the trees. Silly kid!
Then the sticks became drum sticks and the trees were drums... what an imagination. I'm so glad Mom was with us cause she could run after him and keep him out of the streets and close to hand. Almost 3, what fun!

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