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Friday, November 27, 2009

I think I was a BAD BAD girl

I swore! to myself that I was NOT, nope, not gonna, won't, don't even ask, go out shopping today. I heard cars driving down our street reeeellllyyyy early this morning and thought,,, " aaahh, this is such a warm comfy bed, with my very own quilt made with my very own hands keeping me warm ( did I say cozy? ) ... those silly people out this early ( gee, maybe they had to go to work, poor them! )

so I slept on,,, happy in my confidence in self that I was NOT going shopping.

But, I kept dreaming about the $1.49 flannel, and how nice that would be to have for quilt backs for kids quilts ( such a deal! ). I was also thinking about how my very very very favorite fabric outlet was having a 25% off sale on their quilting cottons ( their normal price is like $3.00/yard, so this would be $2.25/yard -- for good stuff! )... Nope, not gonna,,,,

don't need it

no place to store it

Well, I finally got up about 9am, and decided "what they hey,, maybe they will be sold out, maybe the cutting line will be so bad that I won't stay, maybe I won't see a thing I want" and went to Joann's...

got my number at the cutting tables, first ( smart move says I ! )

found the flannel, and picked out about 6 different patterns,,, some for boys, some for girls,,,

I'm number 59 and they just called 32 - moving right along!

I browsed the rest of the store and got some buttons, fat quarters, the iron I love ( of course on sale!, it's out of production I think, and Joann's had some! )

they just called 47!

Ok, guess I'm doing it,,, I go stand by the cutting area and about 15 minutes later I have the fabric I originally had in my cart, plus (big grin! ) about 3 more styles.

3 yards each ( remember this is for backs for kids quilts! )

home again, home again, jiggity jig...

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