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Thursday, November 26, 2009

THANKSGIVING - I hope everyone has a day they will remember.

Yep, it's that day again,,, when (usually) the women spend all day cooking - yep more cooking - did I say cooking, then put everything on the table for all the guests who show up
`````` ( hopefully on time but sometimes not )
along with the stuff ( that took more cooking,, or in the case of some of MY family members, stopping at the open grocery store for the tub of potato salad )
that they brought and ( geez, why did Sister Sue bring that dang dog??!! )

15 minutes later...................


wait....................... it's coming


so now the men have moved towards the television (( if you planned it right, you eat BEFORE "THE GAME" ,, they have their spots picked out, the toothpicks tucked in tight and


wait..................... it's coming

,,, they all fall asleep!!
Except the really true die hards, who have to replay the game play by play, and of course! they know how to REALLY armchair quarterback -- ( like my passenger seat driving (grin) )

So, the women sit around the table and pick at the leftovers, thinking that we really need to get the mess cleaned up - cause after all, there is STILL the desserts left ( and I do truly love love love pumpkin pie! )

who is taking home what,,, is there a place to put this,,, no Aunt Mary, don't throw the silverware away,,, yes, please, take that leftover cranberry sauce home - here's a container,,, just put it all into the dishwasher,, ick, mashed potatoes got smushed into the carpet,,, no, let's leave the tablecloth on for now,, no Granma, you don't have to wash them by hand, the dishwasher WILL get them cleaned,,,, who IS that snoring???

does this sound like your house??

AAAHHH,, families,, I love mine like crazy..... and I like nothing better than the BIG Thanksgiving Dinner where EVERYONE shows up, the kids are crazy ( and it's fun to hop them up on sugar! ) the house is too small and too hot and there is too much food and all I want is a nap and PLEASE! Sister Sue WHY did you bring that dang dog?? Who is that snoring??!!! Is the game over yet? the stuffing was icky, I like mine better, the turkey was great wonder how much is left can I have another piece of pie? get the DOG out of the kitchen.
This year,,,
we went out to eat.

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Babs said...

Cute! Hope you had a great day. I'm off this morning to our favorite fabric place...

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